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Lower Silesia promotes entrepreneurship

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In the province of Lower Silesia there is no shortage of local awards and certificates, which are expected to contribute to the internal and external promotion of businesses operating here, their products and services.

The originators of regional distinctions and prizes awarded to players from Lower Silesia very much focused on the economic promotion of the region. One of these awards is the largest certification program of Lower Silesia and the Lower Silesian Economic Certificate (DCG) awarded under the program. This award is regional, it is also one of the most prestigious awards of this nature in Poland.

The Lower Silesian Business Certificate is synonymous with business reliability and quality; it annually goes to Lower Silesian entrepreneurs and their products. The organizers of the poll are the regional authorities of Lower Silesia and the Lower Silesian Regional Development Foundation.

The certification program was started by the Lower Silesian Political and Economic Forum in Krzyżowa. The originators modeled it on international business awards, e.g. on the American Malcolm Baldrige award or the European Quality Award.

This year’s winners

Since the establishment of the certification program, that is since 2000, Lower Silesian Business Certificates went to almost 250 companies from the region. In 2014, the Certificates were received, among others, by companies such as: TRAPEZE Poland (IT solutions for the transportation sector), Volkswagen Motor Poland or Hörmann Legnica (products for the construction industry). Among the 2014 winners, there were also small, family businesses, such as the Kowalczyk Bakery. Some companies received the certificate for the first time; however, the importance of certain companies for the economic development of Lower Silesia is so great that the contest panel decides to award them certificates once again. The contest chapter draws attention not only to the contribution of the company to the region’s development, but also to such factors as job creation, manufacturing innovation and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Whom does the program promote?

The basic premise of the program is the economic promotion of the region, not only in Poland, but also abroad. This is a local award, whose overriding mission is to build regional identity and support the economy of Lower Silesia by promoting entrepreneurship and supporting activities contributing to the development of the region.

The idea is to show that Lower Silesia is a place friendly for entrepreneurs, a space perfect for running and developing business. The businesses distinguished with Lower Silesian Business Certificates are to be an economic and business showcase of the region. In line with the Lower Silesian Regional Development Strategy, the certificates are also to contribute to the popularization and promotion of branded products from Lower Silesia. The idea of certification program, DCG logo and winners are promoted in the media and by local authorities. E.g. Gazeta Wrocławska publishes a special cycle of “Lower Silesian Business Premier League”, dedicated to the winners of the certificate.

Lower Silesian Griffins

Another regional distinction with a long tradition is the Lower Silesian Griffin Business Award. The originators of this award have for more than 11 years encouraged and rewarded innovation and achievements of local businesses. They also promote the activities of local government units, organizations and institutions operating in Lower Silesia. The organizers of the poll are: Western Chamber of Commerce, Association of Employers Polish Copper and the Office of the Province Governor of the Lower Silesia region. In the finals of this year's eleventh edition of the “Lower Silesia Griffin Business Award” there were over twenty companies and institutions from all over the province. The nominations for the Lower Silesia Griffin are awarded by an independent jury including representatives of the most important institutions and companies in the region, and personalities of the economic and political life of Lower Silesia.

In the eleventh edition of the contest, “Lower Silesia Griffins” were awarded in seven categories. They honored, among others, authors of an innovative idea for a business, companies engaging in activities in the field of corporate social responsibility, special achievements for the development of the region or for the benefit of cooperation between science and business. In October 2014, during the Great Business Gala, the organizers handed over eight awards. Among the winners, there were companies such as: Wroclaw Enterprise Hala Ludowa, Pneumat System (industrial automation), Newind (IT sector) or Agency OTTO Poland (national and international employment agency).

They have a key to success

Efforts to promote regional products, personalities important for the region and local companies are taken also by the Association for the Promotion of Lower Silesia, which since 1997 awards distinctions under the name of Lower Silesian Key to Success.

The Lower Silesian Key to Success is the oldest regional award granted in the province. The range of the winners of the contest is very wide. For 14 years the keys have been handed out in ten categories. They are awarded to: persons contributing to the promotion of the region; the best and most effective counties of Lower Silesia; rural and urban (or urban-rural) municipalities, regional non-governmental organizations; the best cultural institutions in the region; schools or other educational institutions; Lower Silesia companies that work best with the local community and non-governmental organizations, as well as the best regional media and sports clubs, tourism and recreation organizations.

In mid-June 2014, the Prizes were awarded for the eighteenth time. The jury awarded the keys to persons and entities enjoying high reputation in the business, cultural and government communities of the region. Polish politician and entrepreneur Władysław Frasyniuk was named a personality, which contributes to the promotion of the region. Lower Silesia Key to Success (in the category of Education) was won by the Angelus Silesius State Higher Vocational School. in Wałbrzych, while the Crystal Glass Factory “Julia” in Piechowice was elected the best company. The factory has produced its unique products for over 140 years, and its glass works of art are now known in 80 countries around the world.

Lower Silesian Economic Award

During the Lower Silesian Political and Economic Forum in Krzyżowa in Lower Silesia, 14 years ago, the idea of the Lower Silesian Economic Certificate. The originators of the Certificate with the authorities of the province (Governor and Province Mayor) grant another regional award as well. Businesses in the region, operating companies and institutions here that contribute to the promotion and influence the development of Lower Silesia, can be given the Lower Silesian Economic Award. The prize is awarded at the said Forum in Krzyżowa.

The mission of this regional award is to create a positive image of the Lower Silesian Province, as a place friendly towards the economy and residents. Its winners become Ambassadors of Lower Silesia. The awards are given to companies, institutions and organizations (including local government units and higher education institutions in the region), as well as to individuals (entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and representatives of local government). In 2013, the Lower Silesian Economic Award winners were, among others, the Lower Silesian Wholesale Center of Agriculture and Food SA, Inss-Pol (technological installations of stainless steel) or ProGEO consulting firm.

Promotion of regional food products

Regional awards and certificates for Lower Silesia are largely based on the recognition of businesses operating here and economic promotion of the region. However, Lower Silesia is also unique, traditional culinary products. The biggest event, which aims, among other things, at promoting regional and European tastes, is the festival “Europe on a Fork” held every year in Wrocław. During the sixth edition of the festival in 2014. regional cuisine from 16 European regions ruled in Wrocław.

Lower Silesia can also boast its typically regional dishes and products. The ministerial List of Traditional Products of the Lower Silesia region currently includes 44 products. One of the most recognized regional brands from Lower Silesia include Barycz Valley products, heather honey from the Lower Silesian Forests, Przemków honey, Łomnica goat cheese, marinated bacon from Niemcza, Milicz carp, Kłodzko trout, Ścinawa pickled cucumbers and Gogołowice bread.

The European Food Quality Systems (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication) has currently 36 registered products from Poland. Only one product from the Lower Silesia region has been registered so far. The Protected Geographical Indication mark may be used by producers of heather honey from the Forests of Lower Silesia.

Since 2011, Lower Silesia is also a full, certified member of the European Network of Culinary Heritage. The network currently has 32 regions throughout Europe. The producers and processors operating in a region belonging to ENCH must meet specific criteria for products and foods considered to be locally sourced food. More than 50 entities of the province of Lower Silesia belong to ESDK. These include regional butchers, apiaries, organic farms, hotels, inns and dairy cooperatives.




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